How do I Fix my music issue?

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  • I have 2 events and event sheets so far for the main menu and startup screen for my game. They both have different themes each in the background. What I want to happen is: Start up event 1, play music, press anywhere to begin, load event 2, start different music. However, the second theme in the second event page only work when I only load the event on its own and not starting from event 1.

    What usually happens is, I load the start up screen, the music plays and I click begin which takes me to the second event page (The main menu). The problem is that the music from the first event page continues to play in the second event page while the music for the second event page doesn't play at all (EVEN THOUGH I GAVE CLEAR CODING INSTRUCTIONS)

    I know its confusing but I'll add pictures

    Also, I'm only using the batman theme temporarily until I can make my own theme.

  • \/\/\/ blackhornet's response is the correct one.

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  • Stop uses a tag, but you haven't set a tag, you are trying to stop by name - it's not the same thing. Give Batman a tag when you start it.

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