How do I fix this movement?

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  • TELLES0808 was nice enough to make me an example capx file based on what I wanted this game to do. It's not quite what I want. But it's a lot better than anything I can do. So I started adding my imagery to the game to see how it works. I really don't have a clue what I am doing though. But the boosters are rotating wrong. I want them to just tilt slightly from side to side to represent sideways motion. Like maybe 15 degrees either way. The particles are not set right yet either. But I think I can get that figured out. I also have no plans to play this on touch devices. It will be played with a controller only. After looking at it I have no idea how to set convert this to a controller game. Please help me!

    If someone could please get me pointed in the right direction I would be very grateful. I get my son Sunday, and I really want to get something he can try before then.

    Thanks in advance!

    Here is the original file: ... .capx?dl=0

    Here it is after I screwed it all up: ... .capx?dl=0

  • Also, I forgot to mention. The bounce setting on the bullet behavior is causing the player to bounce too quickly off the environment. Switching from left to right is also very touchy. This game is being made for a 4 year old. So I want it to be easy to control the ship's movement.

    I want to be able to understand this. But currently I am pretty much hopeless.

    Thanks again.

  • Bump. I have been messing with this for about 5 hours today and I still can't get the movement anywhere close to right on this.

  • The equivalent would be the right stick as mouse/touch input.

    Then you use the 8Direction behavior. you could add an invisible target/sprite which moves circling around the main sprite when you move the right stick.

  • That's how I would have done it. But this was put together by TELLES0808 on here to show me movement using the bullet behavior. I know this will work. I am just not experienced enough to figure out all the logic. I have been trying to change the angles on the boosters and no matter what I do they just won't point down and stay in that general direction.

  • Two days now and i have gotten nowhere with this. WTH is causing this?

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  • On a first quick glance:

    The zero angle of an object is on the right. That is why in the first capx 'Rocket' is placed horizontal, facing right.

    In the second capx (yours) 'BOOSTER' (wich i think is 'rocket') is facing up.

    Meaning: the graphic representation = misaligned (90°) to the event system handling the angles.

    Or, account for that misaligned in the calculation of the angles.

    Or, rotate the the graphic content of the sprite, (in the Image and Animations editor -- ... ons-editor ) so as a result the content is horizontal and facing right.

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