How do I fix a missing instance that suddenly dissapeared?

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  • Hi! Past days I was working on a project and this morning suddenly something went wrong, I cannot open my project anymore, it keeps telling me "an object instance was specified with the name XXXXX wich does not appear to be an object type name in the project". The only thing that went through my not-a-programmer mind was to go to layout1.xml and replace the XXXXX with YYYYY where Y was a file that I used yesterday morning before latest project modifications. But the error message appear again and again asking me to check a different instance each time, from what I see these are the new items I added to the project yesterday.

    Anyone knows how to fix this? Any clue? Since I worked on the project yesterday (when everything was fine) I made no modifications at all to any file or directory.

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  • report as a bug ?

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