How do I fix menu switching?

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  • Hi

    I can't seem to figure out why my load time from my start menu to my game is almost 10 seconds. I only have about 7 sprites so i doubt that is the problem. Without this issue fixed i cant go on with my game development. This is an android game, but i'm testing it on a Pc and it still has a load problem. I dont understand how other games have near instant load times

    I would appreciate any help i can get!

    Im new to construct 2 so please be detailed. ATM my code is " When touching button, switch instance to game"

    Thanks ahead of time!

  • Well, first question is it if load that layout without going there from the start menu, does it still take 10 seconds. If you are loading something, have a look at the Javascript debugger, which should give you some clue as to what is going on - if it is loading a big file, there is usually a tab showing network access. My initial thought was that it is trying to load something it can't find and the 10 seconds is timeout maybe ?

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  • OK. so go to debugger mode and see what it says?

  • Not the C2 debugger, the Javascript one. Most browsers have one, and they allow you to see what is going on under the hood - so if you are (say) loading an enormous file it will show this.

  • Ok I'll try that and get back with you. Thanks

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