How do I fix this loading issue?

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  • Hey, so I'm using a save and load function within my game; it works fine but there's a weird bug with loading. You can save and load your last save whilst in-game, but there is also a load last save button in the main menu. The bug is that when you save and then load the save from the main menu, a random selection (usually just one thing) doesn't load in properly. It will physically load in, so my character collides with it and can not pass through it, but visually it won't load.

    The most I can do in terms of showing the bug is letting you try get it for yourself. This is an NW.js export of the game so far, it's no where near finished; but the problem still happens even in export so you may as well test it there.

    (It's not dropbox, but just click the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner to download the game)

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  • It's driving me insane, so any support would be highly appreciated, thanks.

  • Well without a capx its hard to see what the hell going on behind the scene btw Ive notice a couple of bugs such as the right outer wall the same object that let you go outside to the right its disappearing on load. most likely a z order bug.

    This is my theory on your bug it might be that Even if you time scale the events to be 0 any event condition that is true during the pausing will pass on through such as movement of character bullet flying on the resume of the pause.

    Oh another thing to be on aware is that all game redraw character at a pixel by pixel so it quite possible that you have a round object for your player that would corner clip things and get stuck Ive had that issue and what i did is that i made sure that everything was square off completely and no event of any strange angle.

    Only thing i can think of to fix this id would make the save on the bed such as instead of dynamically make time go faster while in bed make it so it can fast forward time based on your choice such as do you want to sleep for 1 hr 3 hr 5 hr 10 hrs or save the game. Thus you can avoid this bug. and there is no movement after effect for your character that just my idea.

    Another thing is that I can talk a merchant and then leave without closing the shop window but problem is when i leave the merchant i cannot close the menu unless if i talk to the merchant again.

    Also the Left doorway does not open unless if that mean I need a key for it ?

  • Haha, thanks for finding all these bugs. I'll be sure to work on them, and the left door is just a fad; it's not an actual door, yet. The Z order thing COULD actually be the problem, I'll look into it. Thanks!

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