How Do I Fix This Ladder Bug?

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  • Whatsup everyone,

    I have a link here to my game and im having an issue with my ladder,I somehow keep ending up in the ground can someone look at this and give me an explanation.Its not a capX file but a demo of my issue. The controls are platform movement,left,right,up,down arrows. I usually would fix this isue with a check for solids code but im not sure how to do that on construct 2 yet.THE DEMO

    If i dont give a reply right away its because im at work,Thanks everyone.

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  • Awesome Stuff Rookie! I dont know how to fix your bug but I like your graphics! !! Im buying this game if you sell it.I just love your main character he is a mix between Cute and Deadly! Lol keep me updated. Sorry for no fix bro

  • Maybe if you use the "Is overlapping at offset" condition to check if the player is directly above a ground object. If he is, jump off ladder.

  • Nimtrix Thanks man this is kinda what im looking for but how could i be more Broad like Checking for any Solid and not just that Tile? This will be a sandbox game so the player will be able to place ladders anywhere he or she wants to place them.I just want to avoid all issues with solids altogther.

  • If you have a license you can put all your solids in a family.

  • Nimtrix i havnt used the family feature at all as of yet but i will give it a look.But really if i put all my solids in a family wouldnt give me the total solution,Im really asking How do I check for all solids or do i just place all my solids in a family and then just check for the Family? I think im close,i just want to be sure.

  • I've never made a platformer, so I'm not much help, but I did notice this ladder example has invisible bumpers at the ends of the ladder:

    edit: just ran the demo again, and noticed the problem at the top too, I got stuck in the platform. Maybe check for collisions with the ground?

  • Yea, put all the solids in a family (you can call it "Solids"), then check for collision of the family.

    You can also add behaviours to families, so if you add all the objects in, then add a solid to the family, you've added the solid behaviour to all of them. Not so useful now since you've probably added the behaviour to each solid object individually, but it can be good to know.

  • Actually im still pretty early in development and with this info i can move forward with this project,Thank you Paradox i did check them out,that was where i learned how to do what i did so far,with some added features like being able being able to move left or right while on the ladder,I just didnt want to include bumpers to collide with.It would be buggy for me in my situation since the player will be able to place these ladders freely.Thanks again guys

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