How do I fix issues on various devices when rely just on C2

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  • Hi guys!

    I would like to ask you for a help or tip how to solve this:

    I made game for publisher and I have got some reported issues. How do you fix various device issues when you rely just only on C2?

    I am not programer so I am not able to check the code and i can only pray that all C2 thinks will work properly.

    For example i have this:

    Black screen on iPhone 4S 5.1.1 - Great. But where could be the problem ? Could it be in sounds ?

    Another is that levels don´t unlock on 3Gs 6.1.3 - Is the problem for example in WebStorage as I check level ups through local storage data?

    I understand that this is just rough info, but in general - How I can solve such things ?

    Thank you for any help or advice.

  • Really no way for us to guess at where the problem is as we don't know what your game logic does, etc... the best way to figure it out is using the debugging tools for each platform, if you are using cocoonjs you can use the platform launchers, on ios you can use XCode simulator, etc.... to find issues.

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  • BluePhaze I understand. If I have access to the devices then the Debug tools is good tip.

    In general, the possibility that there is something wrong inside the C2 is real or should I check always my game logic?

    I am using in my opinion only basic events and actions the WebStorage seems to me as the only advanced.

    Thank you anyway!

  • Is the game played through the mobile web browser, or in a native wrapper like phonegap?

    A black screen could be caused by the wrapper failing, or maybe by a memory failure (too big assets?)

    What could be done to rule out a logic bug would be to just make a simple C2 app (like something that displays a countdown), If it displays correctly, it means your logic is the problem. Else, it means it's either C2 or your eventual wrapper, or memory.

    You could also test with a simple capx with no event (so no logic bug) but with a lot of images. To check if it could be a memory issue.

    In any case, not having access to a console will limit your research.

  • OK guys.. Thank you for your effort.

    I understand that there is almost no info about the problem from my side.

    One of the bugs.. the black screen was casued by audio, so no audio solved this.

    Now I am experiencing new bug which does this:

    In the main menu of the game is button with simple action " go to url...". Users reports that when they go back to the game through browser back button after url button pressed. The game seems to be not loaded properly, something like it is running from cache or with kind of history data.

    So I need to ensure that when the user goes back to the game page everything is fresh. the action "got to url..." opens the new url in the same window. The situation is same with open in new window property.

    Any idea?

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