How do I fix this issue i have? (stuck on events)

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  • basically i have a game where you dodge falling blocks by moving left and right, When you die a death animation plays.if you press a button while it is playing it will cancel the death and you can continue to play.

    to try and fix this i made it so when a falling block hits you to 'start ignoring platform user input' and then you are shown a death screen that says 'press 'r' to re spawn' but it does nothing. you can still cancel your death by moving when the death animation is playing even though it says 'start ignoring platform user input' please help with this it is really confusing me.

  • Please post the CAPX exhibiting this behavior, or one replicating the problem. Your problem is almost surely related to your specific setup, so we can't help unless we can see your events.

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  • it is ok now i finally found the answer on an old post which gave me an idea of what to do it is working perfectly now, no need for further help but thankyou

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