How do I fix this input problem?

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  • I'm trying to fix this small input problem in which the S key seems to enter into a loop. When I'm doing the events of the second image, it goes back to the events of the first one. I tried different methods but nothing seems to work and I'm sure it might be something extremely simple that I completely fail to see.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think a Trigger once While True event will stop the loop.

  • rekjl , Tried that but with no luck

    Also I forgot to mention that what I'm trying to accomplish is use WASD in a menu (I used Z to see where was the problem) which lead me to realize that when pressing S I was going back to the first event instead of running the second one.

  • Sorry, could you explain a bit more cause I am not that clear. Which event from the picture is it going to instead of which event it is supposed to go to?

    If you are willing to share your capx, it will be easier to take a look and understand what you are trying to do and what the problem is.

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  • FraktalZero If you could give us sample of your capx that would be wonderful. I am not asking for full game just the part where it's going wrong

  • Hey guys, later today when Ill be at home Ill try to set up a capx file with the problem.

    rekjl , the first event is the first image. when I press S, the sprite goes from the browser menu which is located in the top left of the screen down to the menu. actually I simply change from bActiveSlot to aActiveSlot. I tried using the same and simply changing the scale but with no results.

    Ill post more images and capx file once Ill be at home. Thanks guys

  • I found it! Actually I didn't know that even if the sprite was in an invisible layer, it was still being considered like overlapping another object. So I simply moved the sprite and then each time I need to use it, its updated to its position.

    I'm thinking about doing it with instances variables, checking up whether the sprite is now located in a Layer called deactivated or not.

    Thanks guys!

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