How do I fix IndexSizeError on Firefox?

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  • Hey duuudes! I'm from Brazil, sorry for my english.

    I'm getting the "IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount" error with Construct 2 games just in Firefox. I know that this is error from drawImage.

    I "deminifies" c2runtime.js and get where the code is crashing:

    var c = this.Mb,
                    e =,
                    g = c.Ya,
                    f = this.x,
                    l = this.y,
                    m = this.width,
                    r = this.height;
                  !--- Below is where error occurs) ---!    
                   if (0 === this.n && 0 <= m && 0 <= r) f -= this.rb * m, l -= * r, && (f = f + 0.5 | 0, l = l + 0.5 | 0), e ? b.drawImage(g, c.fe,, c.width,         c.height, f, l, m, r) : b.drawImage(g, f, l, m, r);
                else {
           && (f = f + 0.5 | 0, l = l + 0.5 | 0);
    I understand a little bit of javaScript, but this is hard to me. The error are in line 197 in c2runtime.js if someone want to look at the code.
    If someone can help me, THANKS.
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  • I doubt that's the issue or a lot more people would be having issues.

    What version of C2 are you using?

    What OS?

    Does this happen with the examples that come with C2 or just your own?

    Are you using non-standard plugins?

    When was your last Gfx driver update?

  • Gfx = Up to date!

    non-standard plugins = none!

    Does this happen with the examples... = Just my own objects.

    I dont remember what is the version that I used, but isn't the last ones.

    If I export with C2 last version, would it work?

  • The latest C2 stable release r178 is downloadable from the link in the footer. It would definitely be a good idea to upgrade when possible. You don't say what version of C2 you are currently using.

    What browser are you testing on?

    Can you create a new simple .capx that shows the problem and attach it to your post, so we can try it for ourselves?

    Google throws up some interesting stuff on this error, so it may not be a C2 problem at all, but without a .capx that we can all test for you, we are just guessing.

  • This should never happen. You should post a bug report following all the guidelines. (You should definitely use the latest version though, in case we already fixed the problem.)

  • Now I'm using 173 and updating to 178. But the game that is giving the problem was create with an old version (last year version) of Construct. The browser that is showing the problem and that I'm using is Firefox 31.0 (Up to date). Two MAC's that I try run the game get the same problem, and in Windows too.

    I will try to reproduce this error and post the .capx file here.

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