How do I Fix The In-App Purchasing Error In My Game

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  • I am a Android game developer in Nigeria. My app is in the playstore and it has in-app products. The default price is naturally in Naira, as is my Merchant Bank account.

    Here is the problem: when I try to purchase a product from my game, it gives me this error "Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account."

    My bank subsequently tells me that I have selected the DCC Payment option(Dynamic Currency Conversion) which allows me to pay in Naira which has temporarily restricted on all the cards.

    It further tells me to "reattempt the transaction and select the currency of the country you are transacting in".

    Now, I do not think this is my bank problem because I have a website hosted on Hostgator, and Hosgator charges 11 dollars from my account every month successfully.

    And when I try to buy stuff from Candy Crush, it does not give any problem. It goes straight ahead and shows me a dialogue to pay.

    I really do not know what the problem is - do I need to get a dollar account for my Google Merchant bank, so that it charges me in dollars and works?

    Did anyone in foreign countries have this issue? Please help.

    Thank you.

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  • No worries, this is fixed.

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