How do I fix my image quality loss problem?

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  • I've been having this problem where some of my sprites lose quality upon exporting the game (to web).

    This is an example, first image is how it looks while testing with c2 software (this is how it should look),

    and the second image is how it looks when I export the game and upload to a hosting.

    On construct2 test mode:

    Exported and uploaded:

    Why does this happen?

    And how can I fix this?


  • Looks like it's cropped wrong or kinda shifted diagonally within its image frame - quite weird. Are all of them like this? C2 does spritesheet your images when exporting, so something might be going wrong there.

  • The image inside the "Images" folder exported looks fine (like it should),

    and it is not happening with all of the sprites, just like 3 of 10.

    Never had this problem in the past, don't know what to do.

  • You may try Downscaling in project settings, according to manual.


    Adjusts the tradeoff between rendering quality and memory use when resizing images to smaller than their original size (downscaling). The options are:

    Low quality: mipmaps are disabled (reducing memory use), but downscaled sprites may appear blocky or pixellated.

    Medium quality: mipmaps are enabled. Downscaling sprites generally looks better.

    High quality: mipmaps are enabled and the spritesheet after export pads out all images to power-of-two sizes. This can significantly increase memory use, but can resolve two minor rendering issues: light fringing that can sometimes occur along the borders of downscaled objects, or a quality change in the last frame of an animation. Do not use this mode unless a rendering artefact is specifically observed and selecting this mode can be observed to resolve it: the increased memory usage can be very significant, and is not a cost that should be added for no reason.

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  • Hey thanks for your answer,

    but still no luck, tried with high quality and still got the same issue.

  • Try low quality, not high - low quality means nothing will mass with your art.

  • Huh. Haven't seen this problem in a long time. Make sure you have a 1px transparent border around the object. Try pixel rounding, low-quality fullscreen setting, etc. Make sure the object position is an integer. Could also be from window scaling.

  • Tried all you said except for 1px transparent border,

    Tried low quality, pixel rounding, positions are integers, etc. No luck :/

  • Post a bug report to the forums following all the guidelines.

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