How do I fix image load error in IE

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  • I just built my first game and have it hosted on a sharepoint site. The game works fine on chrome and firefox.

    However, on internet explorer, it works on localhost but not when opening the index.html from sharepoint. I get error messages on loading the images in the browser console. Can anyone help on this?

    Error loading image '...........Game/images/bkgnd_sprite-sheet1.png': [object Event]

    "Error loading image '............Game/images/bkgnd_sprite-sheet1.png': "


    [functions]: ,

    __proto__: { },

    AT_TARGET: 2,

    bubbles: false,


    cancelable: false,

    cancelBubble: false,


    constructor: { },

    currentTarget: { },

    defaultPrevented: false,

    eventPhase: 2,

    isTrusted: true,

    srcElement: { },

    target: { },

    timeStamp: 1458625622813,

    type: "error"


  • What's your internet explorer version? It has to be 9 or above, preferably the latest version.

    It's generally maybe noted that Scirra only 'supports' (as in personally recommends) Chrome and Firefox (since you have options to download them in the installer for Construct 2) despite officially supporting Opera and IE.

  • I have IE 11 . Is there anything I can check in the settings that could prevent files from loading properly?

    I'm building this game for people who mostly likely will have only IE - so would be difficult to get them to start installing other browsers.

  • I'm not really sure at all. I don't use IE. It might help to send me the capx though if you don't mind, it's always good policy to share yours if you need help with a problem.

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  • How can I send you the capx please? I don't see an option to attach files and I can't PM you since I'm still a newbie.

  • Upload it to dropbox or something and then use an url shortener.


    Could you see if you can download this?

  • Was able to download the capx, downloading it right now.

  • Thanks for taking a look at this. Been trying to fix it all day now.

    I'm think its because the files are on sharepoint that I'm not able to load the images in IE. When I publish the game to google drive, it loads fine in chrome and IE. Can I host the images in a different location and change the reference to look elsewhere?

  • Yeah, I exported your project to a new folder on my desktop, then uploaded it all to my dropbox and then tested the index.html in Internet Explorer.

    Pressed F12 to see the developer console, then refreshed, no errors at all. It's probably because the files of the exported project have to be on an actual HTTPS page and not a sharepoint.

  • Hello,

    I managed to fix my issue a few days back. Posting for benefit of anyone else who has a similar issue.

    The issue was with img.crossorigin attribute. In the c2runtime.js file, there is a line (for me line 4598) where this attribute is "anonymous". This has to be set up as "use-credentials"

    Now my game works fine in IE. Hope this helps someone.


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