How do I fix the HUD

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  • im having trouble with displaying ammo amount, lives, and scores can someone please help

  • If you could give more info about the trouble you are having, it might be easier to help..

    Could you provide a capx or a screenshot of your events and explain what is happening and what you want to happen and or expect to happen?

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  • I'm fairly new to this I don't know how to give you a screen shot or capx

  • Using the full editor you can upload and attach files to your post..

    If you can't provide more information on your problem it will be near impossible to help you out and all I can do is direct you to either the tutorial section or tell you to search the forums for questions similar to your own..

    What is it exactly you are having trouble with?

    What is it that you are trying to do?

    In what way are you trying to achieve this?

    What is happening at the moment and what do you want to happen?

    It might be that you just have one letter wrong, but it could be your whole event or the way you are calling things is wrong..

    Please provide more information..

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