How do I Fix glock in Image point in all animations

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  • I get a glock in floor, this glock spaw in char hand and pin. Nice !

    But when char run, glock stay in same position, is not in hand more, its in body now, because char is runing.

    I need to now, how this glock will accompany the character's hand?

    Sorry to my English and thanks very much !

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  • Do you have the same image point in all animations and in all frames?

    You can use Pin+ behavior to pin the weapon to imagepoint:

    Or you can do it without the Pin+.

    Remove Pin behavior.

    Add this event:

    System-> On every tick
       Weapon -> Set position to (Character.ImagepointX(1), Character.ImagepointY(1))
    You might also want to update weapon angle depending on current animation playing or with something like this:
    [code:3oj2deri]   Weapon -> Set angle to (Character.ImagepointX(0), Character.ImagepointY(0), Character.ImagepointX(1), Character.ImagepointY(1))
  • Thanks dop2000, the every tick solve the problem in animation. I have not been able to solve the angle problem yet, but I'm trying.

    You know where i need to put the pin + to this work ?

    Thanks again

  • Not sure how Pin+ can help with setting the right angle.

    You can define another image point in your animation frames for weapon direction.

    See this picture:

    Red image point is where you position the gun.

    Blue image point is for setting the angle of the gun.

  • I tried but did not work, may be i am not intelligent kkkk

    Thanks for your attetion.

    I will to draw 1 per one, with every weapon and see with this work

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