How do I fix Global Variable

  • In my project 2 Layouts - main menu and game screen. Both Event Sheets NO connected. Second Event Sheets (game screen) includes next action:

    Every 15 s add +1 to Global Variable. But, if i run Main menu first and wait 15 and more second, after jump in game screen this Global Variable right away set +1 value. I'm traing specify reset Global Variable and set this variable to 1 after layout start - didn't help. This is bug?

    P.S. I hope. my English little fanny, because this is not translate)

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  • Just created this in new project and must say that's tricky one. But I would say it's a bug. "Every X seconds" should be true for event sheet that is connected to specific layout (not included, only connected) So if you go to layout 2 this means that layout starts from beginning and "Every X seconds" should start counting from beginning of that layout and not from overall game time.

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