How do I fix my game?

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  • Hi. I'm making a mobile game wherein I have to shoot a monster then a question will appear consisting of four choices. Just like on the SS attached here.

    What I used for the question is a .png picture where I set its opcaity to 0 then set it to back to 100 when the monster holding that question is shot. And for the choices I used 4 sprite font and just set its position and opacity same as how I set the question.

    My problem is I have three questions and did the same thing on every .png picture(Questions) and sprite fonts(Choices). *Sets its opacity. So You can see on the SS here that when I accidentally tap on the floor which is in the position of my invisible sprite font you can here the explosion of the action I set on that certain answer.

    And that should not happen.

    Is there any way or much easy way for that not to happen? Any alternatives for setting its opacity?

    The reason I used opacity for each of them is that when the question appears the game pauses. So yeah hope that helps.

    Okay thank you. I hope you understand me and could help me here. I really need help. Thank you very much.

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  • Add another condition to the touch event that checks to see if the panel is visible.

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