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  • I am having such a headache to make the game work in two different size screens.

    Here are the two devices I am working on:

    1) Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 [Resolution 1600 x 2560 pixels]

    2) Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 [Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels]

    I built the game on 16:9 resolution, the size is 396x704.

    The game work properly on the Galaxy S4 but it creates a white space on the right size.

    I have read all the posts about multiple size screens but nothing works.

    I exported using all the fullscreen options. The only one that doesn't give a white space on the right is the Scale inner but it crops parts of the game, specially in the bottom.

    Here is my setup:

    • Construct 2 Standard Edition License version 164

    Ps. I am know providing the .capx because I am ready to share it yet.


  • Anyone please?

  • I don't know about your game design, anyway.

    If you don't like Letterbox, there no real quick solution to fix fullscreen, you have to create composed background image would look bigger than window: If you use tiled background on background get Viewport expression or browser window size expression to make an action to set size of currently window to this tiled background on different devices.

  • It is not about the background. it is where the character and floor is located in the bottom of the page when in landscape view.

    for mobile, it would be a really bad experience due to the small size of screen

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  • Would you mind to share your simple .capx of the problem?

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