how do I fix firefox os CSP validation error?

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  • So, I submitted my game to firefox marketplace, it gave me no error but there are 11 warnings, I was concerned so I checked the full report and all 11 reports are CSP violation errors from codes in c2runtime.js, which are these

    ... .He.height/2,f.drawImage(this.He,ja(a-c),ja(b-d)));1>=this.zg?(a=ja(a-c)+0.5,b=ja(b+(d+(m?12:0)))+0.5,f.fillStyle="DodgerBlue",f.fillRect(a,
    ... easureText(m):null,f.fillText(m,a-(c?c.width:0)/2,b))}this.xn=this.Ic}setTimeout(function(f){return function(){f.go()}}(this),100)}}};c.prot ...
    Oa();var f,a,b;if(,a=this.u.length;f<a;f++)b=this.u[f],b.J||||!||b.W();else!1;f=0;for(a=this.Fc.length;f< ...
    ... ull)));this.Ir();!!this.Tc||||this.Zg||(!1,this.D?this.Hb():this.zc(),this.Ri&&(this.canvas&&this.canvas.toDataURL&&
    ... +);this.Bg+=Oa()-f;this.rg||(l?this.Hi=l(this.Yi,this.canvas):this.Zi=setTimeout(this.Yi,this.jf?1:16))}}};c.prototype.Ir=function(){var f,a ...
    this.Iv&&(this.Gn=!1),this.Nd=1/60)),;this.Pc=this.Nd*this.If;this.Dc.add(this.Pc);f=document.mozFullScreen||document.webkitIsFull ...

    there are more but I think these two are enough to show the errors.

    Now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't know sh*t about javascript, and these warnings just confuses me, even after I read the CSP documentiation (which is here: )

    and my game passed validation so I can go on and hope that it's approved. But the error page also said this: "While this does not affect your app, if you decide to add permissions to your app in the future, you will be unable to do so until this problem is corrected. It is highly recommended that you remedy this."

    so I prefer to know how I can fix these. Any help is appreciated, thanks

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  • I have just encountered the same issues. My game is a pretty simple version of pong so I'm not sure what is going on. It validated but gave me 10 Warnings. 9 of which were CSP violations.

    I also get a:

    JavaScript Compile-Time Error

    Warning: A compile-time error in the JavaScript halted validation of that file.

    Message: missing ; before statement


    Anyone at all have any ideas as this came straight out of C2's open web export.?



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