How do I fix my Familiy problem ?

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  • hello !

    Right now i have a problem with the family thing. i know this could be solved by rewriting the complete way to use bullets in my game but i would like to know if i can just easily fix it.

    all my monster's bullets are grouped in the family MOBprojectile.

    when MOBprjectile hit player , its destroyed and spawn a HITFLASH

    now i would like use a different HITFLASH animation depending of which bullet of MOBPROJECTILE is concerned.

    i try to use a different event not based on family for the details but its not working.

    is there an expression like

    "if mobprojectile.truename = x > spawn x_hitflash" ?

    or a way to make that the events work in that order :

    xbullet hit player : spawn x_hitflash

    ybullet hit player : spawn y_hitflash

    mobprojectile hit player : destroy mobprojectile


    thanks for help

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  • I would give a variable to the bullets (hitflash)and name each according to the hitflash animation you want.

    bullet hit player : spawn hitflash

    ...........................hitflash set animation to bullet.hitflash

    just a thought !

  • thanks a lot for your answer..

    i tested your solution and it worked, but i noticed that if i placed my events differently

    the "bullet on destroyed" is working , even after the "mobprojectile > destroy "

    but thanks !!

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