How do I fix this event thing?

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  • Now I'm sure that the title made absolutely no sense, so let me go into detail. I'm new to this all, so I tried a tutorial that's like a remake of Ghost shooters or something. Anyways, I have everything worked out except one minor bug. The player is supposed to shoot the monster, in which it dies and an explosion shows. The gun shoots, but the monster doesn't die. I've been messing around with the functions for a good twenty minutes, and just nothing is happening.

    So how do I fix this?

    Here's the link to it or whatever:


    I think that should lead you to it, I don't know how to post the whole thing.

    Please help.

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  • you should save your project as a CAPX, upload it to a server like dropbox and then paste the link here.... that localhost:5000 y like a host in your pc only for previewing the game

  • When you're bullet collides with the enemy (I am assuming you are using this event) you will have to create an action to destroy the enemy or subtract from its health (depending on which effect you want). If you want the latter you'll need another event saying to destroy the monster when its hp variable = 0.

    You may need to follow danuyos' advice if you want more specific information.

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