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  • Hey all. I tend to put my project on a usb so i can work on my prototype projects on the go. However, last night I decided I liked one of my proto's and started tinkering with it more as to maybe finish it.... however when i got home to load it up I got an error regarding a bad file for one of the xml files.

    here is my uistate

    PK      ڰ�?� c    DragonJoust.uistate.xml�T�j�@��S�+)-zX+�bZCv=��vdmX�ݑ��z�'�:��Ŏ��4��̛�#���K\?7v�vv�|Ȯ@[:��f��T���.�#Q~lu I�/��x���Z�[��I��AHAS��YBK�0�^�1 �m@�3��%B@"�`_�= ��=aI��� n�6��[qA��t%�, H��y�0N*~�ڵL� `^A�Z���F����Zź�k=��ʽ3�ǣHa�Z���r`]�C��7� �ɢ�q����ǭ ���4=���+�i���C=ddIz�'�!�lp�|[-n>%����](x��2I���hwJr}&�������bvw3�.�>0��_�JI1].g����b1��>.f���0��NC�HE "?

    ����q�7�kGON�7a��c�����K���=i<s��v��[^]TѪ����e<~/N���H}�V�=,��?�_�/g����`Q�F~O���;G����ku��PK      �*�� � !   Animations\player\Default\000.png�[��PNG      IHDR   ?   8   JZ g   sRGB ���   gAMA �� �a    cHRM z& �� �   �� u0 �` :� p��Q< "IDAThC�ZklSe�&Ā�c���h�o�!�2�2–us���� ��n+�N׮�h�܆s w��`���c������(�E�`� w���}��ѕӝ�gmMl����y�����f��!����KGF�_�|�Xֲe�KGGW<\���~��'+k�LNfM &-��Ջ�>#�k+��њ�9z�p0�,|��7@n�̡�%|Sg�cEπ��7     �����ba�^?�27�|?�df8�I�!��&��sOg�g     �3� �]���eMD2��k ���1�+�U

    �wK/?+g��<_(���꙰�]����� �c@N��-ܞQ�*�q ��fL8����p��\��x�Ai���>�2�? �Oж���M[B��`�h��ﺲ��V_���R(IK2��� X�� my alternatives are Hope someone who knows C2 better can offer a quick fix :) create a new one using a different project tempalte and guess all the info or start fresh :(

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  • ugg. nm

    I had a couple of thoughts and did some tinkering. I'm starting to think my USB borked some file :|   well first for everything :D if an awesome person who knows the the xml scheme could figure what went wrong and maybe a fix. i would be very thankful.

    Hower, even if not capable. I can recreate it when I wake up.

  • The uistate files are not essential and can be deleted if need be. The file looks like it's a zip file since "PK" are the first two letters in the file. Can you open it in a zip program?


    Looking at your files it looks like your gameplay eventsheet is corrupt. You can use your backups though. Open your backup capx in a zip program and extract it to a folder. For me two of the files couldn't be extacted:

    1. ..\DragonJoust.uistate.xml

    So I just deleted it.

    2. ..\Animations\player\Default\000.png

    But your zip had it so I copied it over.

  • I love you :) Thanks soooooo much :) time to move this from my proto's to my practical work states :D

    hugs and kisses :)

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