How do I fix this collision/animation & compare animation

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  • I made a test version of something I am working on. In my original file, the conversation animation does not auto play, since it is originally set at 0 in the event sheet (same way as in my test version). In this test version it auto plays. Also, in my original file, it won't show the highlight box at all unless I set the original opacity to 100. In my test version, the highlight box does appear after the animation has autoplayed. What I want is for the conversation animation to not progress until the player collides with the NPC (Amy) and clicks the next button to animation frame 2. I also want the highlight box to not appear until reaching frame 2. It seems like it might be working if the animation won't auto play. I am just trying to make a simple NPC conversation and the player to be able to choose an answer eventually. I have uploaded my capx file and it is at file dropper dot com slash npcchat-test

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! If you know of a tutorial that has this method in it or a better way of doing this, please feel free to share as well. Thanks!

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  • have you tried variable number such as this upon collision set variable to 2. and then do if variable = 2 then add the action you want and repeat the next variable number for each action. think of the variable like pages each variable represent the next action to be perform in the same time frame.

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