How do I Fix This Collision Problem

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  • Hopefully this is the correct place for this question. But I'm almost positive this should be working... I've assigned the 'Solid' behavior to my Ground tileset sprites and all of it's instances and then the 'Platform' behavior to my Player character sprite but when I test the game, the Player goes through the ground tiles slightly and I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    The sprites seem to be correct in their bounding box in the image editor so any help would be appreciated! I'll attach the capx file below. Am I missing something here?

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  • I downloaded your file and opened it up to take a look. The first I looked at was the sprites collision polygon. The entire polygon has been pushed to the left side of the sprite and a little above the base. In your post you said,

    [quote:35ol991x]The sprites seem to be correct in their bounding box in the image editor...

    I am not sure what you looked at but, the collision polygon is the problem. Open the image editor and select the bottom item in the left side menu. It looks like a bunch of dots connected by lines and will say "Set collision polygon" when you hover over it.

  • Well, I certainly feel dumb. Haha. I've only really looked over the initial tutorials and wasn't introduced to that feature in the image editor. Haha. Thanks!

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