How do I my fix my camera or "scroll to" behavior and make it work again?

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  • Hi, I've been working on this project where I have a scroll to behavior for a plahyer sprite. It was working fine at first, scrolling smoothly as the player moves on the screen and staying centered. But now... it doesn't work at all. Its as if there's no scroll to behavior added, and the player moves right past the borders without being followed. I also tried the lerp camera but ended up not working anymore either. I thought using every tick to have the camera continuously scroll onto the player, but that's also not working. I made sure the scroll to behavior was only active on the player sprite, so I know that's not the problem either.

    It seemed that the scroll to behavior was working, but then gradually got worse over time, but now it doesn't work at all, and I haven't been able to find a solution since it stopped working. I tried a number of things that might fix it, and checked my events over and over, I even tried exporting the events one by one to a new event sheet as a last resort in case there were some configurations I perhaps changed and overlooked, but still nothing.

    At this point, I'm thinking there could be something that I didn't do right with the configurations or properties for the window/layout/screen/margins etc, when I was first creating my layout as I was beginning the project. But I'm just speculating.

    If anyone could figure this out I'd really, really appreciate it, thanks!

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  • I would make sure the layout is bigger than the viewport so it is able to scroll. After this you can check the parallax or scroll rate of the layer that the player exists on, if this is set to 0 then it won't scroll. Other than that, you'd have to share the project file.

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