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  • Hey everyone, hope someone can help. I have been using the latest construct 2 stable release to build my current tower defence game.

    Anyway i recently added new buttons, and now some of the event rules i have put in place dont seem to work when i test the game.

    Essentially the player has several resources. Research, coins and energy. First they have to click the research buttons to activate the abilities, and then once activated if they have sufficient coins and energy the button will be green and clicking it will make a turret randomily spawn. If they dont have sufficient coins or energy the button will appear red.

    Here is the game:

    And here is a capx file. (3.78mb)

    The only turrets that work are the first 3 types on the left side. and only the research buttons on the left work as well. all stats are really high for testing purposes.

    For some reason since adding the research buttons the turret build buttons dont switch when you dont have enough resopurces... Can anyone shed some light.

    P.s. i realise my events probably need cleaning up too.

    Any help, greatly appreciated?

  • Sorry i should also note i have a commercial copy of C2 and may have more layers than is possible in the free version.

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  • hey just a quick bump, if anyone has any thoughts on what may resolve this or what is causing the issue. Any thoughts would be welcome.


  • Hey all just a quick update, I just tried a shot in the dark of moving the button events switching from red to green etc. to the primary event sheet and that has resolved the issue. As the two event sheets are linked im not sure why it makes a difference but i guess this is resolved for now.

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