How do I fix bug in baseball game? Capx link included

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  • I am making a simple hitting mechanic in a baseball game. When I swing the bat the bat doesn't move, but it is registering it as swinging and you can even hit the ball if you time it correctly. Basically the bat is invisible when it is swinging. Is this a bug or my mistake? Any help is much appreciated. I was using r207, now this is in the r208 version. ... .capx?dl=0

  • I think it will be easier for you to get help, if you add some explanation to your code. Tried downloading it and its pretty difficult to read and hard to know what problem you are referring to in the first place as Im not really sure what to look for. Maybe add some pictures to your post showing exactly what the problem is as I don't think a lot of people want to read code that have no explanation as it takes a long time.

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  • nimos100 thank you. It is definitely is a mess and not in order currently. I will try to get on later and better explain it. Basically spacebar pitches the ball (just the first time), and left mouse click swings, double-click on left mouse is power swing, right mouse click is bunt.

    The main issue is the fact that the bat is just not swinging. It is so simple I don't understand why it isn't swinging, it was previously swinging, then I made some changes and now it is not.

  • nimos100 fixed it. It was a contradiction with the bunting and swinging.

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