How can I fix that bug ?

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  • Hi, I am french (sorry for my bad english) and I am making my very first game. (It is just a test, to understand how to use Construct 2) .

    It is a platformer. You can run and jump ... and when you keep the R key down, you turn red and your speed increases .

    I tried my best but, the animation have a lot of bug. Sometimes, even if I keep the R key down, the character is still black. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    I really don't understand, I am stuck. (and I didn't add the "speed increased" option, because I don't know how to do)

    Here is my game :

    Could you take a look please ?

    Also, I would like to make a sidescroller, how can I do that ?

    Thank you

    EDIT : The link seems broken, so I uploaded it again :

  • Hey Potexto.

    Please upload your complete (.Capx) file so people at the forum can download it and test run it in there own copy of Construct 2.

    U dont need to export anything, the .Capx file u are working on is the one people need.

    When i try your (.Caproj) file construct crashes.

    (.CapX) is the way as talked about here.

    Tip: This page made by Kyatric helps allot for learning!

    Tip: Manual

    Welcome to the forum <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Thank you... But I think that I broke my game. I don't know how though.

    When I launch it, it says that

  • Make a zip out of your game's folder (the folder the file .caproj is in, with the folders "Animations", "Event Sheets", etc...) and post it here.

    It should be possible to edit the .caproj file in the notepad and add the missing element.

    The error says that an instance of the object type "TiledBackground" is defined in the Layout1.xml file, but that the object type itself isn't defined in the caproj file.

    Let's hope you haven't been mixing different projects in the same folder ^^

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  • Well ... I think that I have mixed two project indeed. :P

    But anyway, it is not important, I did not make so much . I will just do it again, when I find the time.

    And, in other subject : Is there a tutorial for a side-scroller platformer ?

  • At least those two: here and there.

    You can see the full list of the available tutorials here and as Savy said, you can find numerous more specific mechanics in the how do I FAQ.

    Also to prevent quircks like having two projects in the same folder, be sure to follow the best practices.

    Bonne chance ^^

  • Merci :)

  • Hmm... send a .capx instead of .caproj! We cannot look at this properly, no data files!

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