How do I fix my broken capx file.

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  • Now, this topic is something I've never seen before, I cannot explain it, and it ruins my entire project. This happened after I restarted my laptop. I saved my project, and I exited Construct 2. Afterwards, I started my computer back up, I launched Construct 2 via Steam, and went to open the capx file, and it was a zip file? I don't understand what exactly causes this weird little bug, but the capx file became a zip file, and I cannot open it through any means. This is around 2-3 months of work, and it's all lost because of some magical bug that doesn't follow any known logic.

    I desperately need help, this project means a lot to me.

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  • Just exchange the ZIP for CAPX. A capx is just a ZIP that's been renamed.

  • It's very important to make backup files for any save files, just in case something like this occurs.

    I would also look for an autosave file in the folder. There should be one unless you've disabled the autosave feature from preferences.

    Make a backup copy of that autosave file to another folder first, then rename the filename.capx.autosave file to filename.capx.

    You'll be able to open that file as capx.

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