How do I fix this audio bug?

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  • This is horseshxt

  • Horse plop it may be, but buddy, you're gonna have to elaborate. What exactly is the problem?

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  • Hopefully I can explain this right!

    So, every music track in my game loops. However, some tracks have two parts to them, "Track1_start" and "Track1_loop." Those tracks work like this: On function play music: (then two subevents) if music_loop (global variable) equals "y", then play "Track1_start" NOT looping. Then on "Track1_start" end, play "Track1_loop" LOOPING. But if music_loop equals "n", then just play "Track1" LOOPING.

    Then, I have it so that when the player goes on collision with a layout teleporter, then it stops all audio. Once a layout starts, it repeats the play music function.

    This bug I showed seems to only show up AFTER a track's start file has ended and its loop begins. Any time before that it works fine. I should probably upload a capx showing it in action, but, maaan...I'm just so frustrated with this already.

  • All sounds like it should work in theory. If you could post a capx, that would make things easier.

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