How do I fix the animation?

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  • For my 2d platformer, whenever I use the animations (from sprite sheet) when the animation is done, it will reset and go into the air. then fall down, do the animation, and reset again. (repeats forever) It doesn't do this without the animation, and I can't figure it out. (there's nothing wrong with the animation itself)

  • The problem might be either the area of the collision box, or the origin point.

    Both collision box and origin point can set different for each frame of the animation allowing you to create several kinds of effects on your game. However if you do not pay attention to this details it can make your game act completely weird.

    Both collision box and origin point can be edited at the sprite animation window. And if you use the right click you can apply the same collision box or origin point to all the frames saving you a lot of time.

    Hope it helps

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  • Ok, thanks

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