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    For some reason when i have the first event at the top it doesn't work

    when i move it underneath it works but than the new first event doesn't work.

    any one know what i mean....

    Thanks for giving the time to read this!!!!

  • Have you tried On touch instead of On tap. Tap is a bit more fussy. It looks like you shift things around, and the tap may still apply to your newly shifted object, seeming like the first one didn't work, when it did, but then got immediately replaced.

  • No it didnt work

    I dont think i explained my situation properly, but yes blackhornet i think you know what im trying to do

    Just for those who looked but didnt understand

    I have a menu, (SAO styled for those who know it)

    now when i click the top button i want it to go in the middle, than i want the middle to go to the bottom

    and the bottom to the top.

    And the same if i were to click the bottom one, the bottom goes middle, top goes bottom and middle goes top.

    For some reason when i have the event shown in the picture in the first post at the top it seems to put the button at the bottom but if i put that event under the next event, that event starts working, the button goes right but than the new top event has that issue

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  • It would likely be easier and more efficient to provide the capx of your project with a clear explanation of what you are wanting to achieve, the code you used to to do it and what exactly you are experiencing instead.

    Host it online on a hosting file service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

    That will make it easier to help you out and be able to test out the project further.

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