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  • ok so this will be hard to explain but ill try my best...... Ok so i need to fix this problem i made a AI and i set my options so when a bullet hits it- it will be hit or destroyed but..... i also want it to shoot a bullet at my player so i set up a surrent within the enemy AI and when i walk near the AI it shoots itself i dont no how to fix this if anyone can help me it will be Very Appreciated Thank You!

    Also this is my picture of the setup of the Event Sheet 1 Thanks again

    http ://


  • seems the sprite 11 is the enemy, on line 9 you said create object at image 0 i guess image 0 is in the middle of the sprite so when its created it collides with the enemy, so on line 2 you execute the on collision with enemy to subtract from damage, on line 9 bullet is created inside the enemy so it gets hited

  • So how would i prevent it from getting hit>?

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  • since i also cant post links i did same trick with you https ://

    Bottom line move the image point close but outside where you want the bullet to come from or even better create 1 more point to do that , but you should read this small manual it will help you in the future is one of the most basics you need to know

  • So Y doesn't this work http :// My concordance for my bullet spawn is X -1 and Y 79 for the image-point on the enemy character and now when i go to test the game the bullets dont even spawn? Help

  • How do you have your image points setup. You can place one in front of the sprite so that you can just tell it to spawn there And you don't have to do any other calculation.

  • This is my Origin http :// and this is my image point http ://

  • You do know you can move it to the end if the gun instead if the center??

  • ok so i did that but now the bullets arent shhoting this is my set up WHATS WRONG.!?!?!?! ugggg.......

    http ://

  • ur spawning them on layer 0. im assuming that's wrong cuz everything else is spawning on layer 3. You should use names.

  • still didn't work hmmmmm........... thanks 4 the suggestion

  • Double post

  • Why did you change it to system create object instead of the object spawn the object and place it the position of the image point you made?? Best thing is providing a capx. I can't look at it right now to busy trying to escape the ER x-(

  • It still wont work and i changed it ..........................

    http ://

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