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  • Hi I just started to develop a game I tried the program before but now every png I import in Construct 2 is in very bad quality and it looks like a blur effect I tried with beta and the stable but it's same on inkscape the pngs are great even in zoomed but I know that the svg format keeps the quality even when zoomed but on the windows 8 photo viewer the quality was great same as inkscape but on construct 2 is bad and when zoomed is worse I'm planning to make games for smartphones, but I have this problem I tried Construct 2 months ago and it didn't have this problem. I'm running windows 9 core 32 bit. How can I fix this I tried making png bigger but it's same when I zoom again and when playing the game it's terrible. Please tell me how to fix it did I turn some option on or something else. I want to make platform style game...

    Thank you :)

    Please reply quickly

  • Make sure you have linear sampling selected.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • It's Linear selected but it's the same

  • But on my other project the quality is very good. Could be because of the image size? It's something like 3800x240 I'm using the whole background for the game it's a platform one

  • One thing what size do you recommend for the sprites and the background for a platform game in a super Mario style for best quality and performance. I want to make it for smartphones like android and iphone...Thanks

  • 3800 is too much, split it and use powers of two sizes (4,8,16,32,64,128,256, and 512 at most)

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  • I know that but thanks for helping I have found the right sprites with great quality

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