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  • Hi guys I have recently finished a project but I would love to host it myself so I have uploaded all the exported html5 files to 000webhost's file manager in the public folder. But when I go on my webpage my game is stuck on the loading screen. How can I stop this? You can try the website here and see if the game loads for you. Because it might just be me but Im pretty sure its just not my computer. I have also ran the game through a local network and it works fine.

  • If you look at the console, (F12 in Chrome), you'll see all of your images are missing (or inaccessible).

  • I also had the same problem when I tried uploading my game. Sometimes the images are not transferred properly. I re exported the game again and I re uploaded it again and it worked fine.

    You should do that to, it will hopefully fix the problem.

  • imhotep I have done this and all I get is a black screen and when i upload everything I have 104 files but when I count them in the webhost file uploader theres only 20

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  • You have an upload problem then. maybe the host provider has a limit on how many files you can transfer or there is a storage space limit. You can also try uploading the files using filezila if they allow ftp connections.

    If you cannot fix it, well then you will probably need new host provider.

  • imhotep22 Im going to move on what free host provider that has loads of free memory would you use?

  • I am using for 2 years now, it has a free package with unlimited storage. Only limit is how many visits can you get per day, the free package is capped around 5-8k visits which is fine for me.

  • imhotep22 I am now using byet I have uploaded all my game files to the filemanager in the folder htdocs ad now when I go on my website it says Congratulations! Your free hosting account has been activated.

    You can now use FTP or the file manager in your cPanel to upload your site.

    How do I get my game running I have exported the index . html and all the other files but nothing comes up. Here's my site

  • You have to be careful where you upload the files, there is a file hierarchy that must be maintained.

    it goes like this domain_name -> htdocs -> index.html

    The starting file has to always be index.html the first folder has to be the domain name address example and inside it there has to be folder called htdocs.

    Also in the root directory you have to have folder called logs, if you delete any of those or rename them it wont work.

    I am not using their online manager to upload files, instead I am using filezila to directly connected to the ftp server they provide you, and I upload the files there.

    Here is a screenshot of my test server folders. You should set yours the same, with different names of course.

  • Thanks imhotep22

  • You are welcome

    Good luck with your game

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