Five Nights With a Problem (FNWaC2)

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  • Oh hey. It's me again.

    Now, unless you haven't been reading my posts, then you'll know what Five Nights With a Cow 2 is. Now right now the game is at 0.5 stage. Ever since 0.4, I was able to make more working jumpscares! Infact, there is now a trailer for the game which can be found here: []

    I just came up with the trailer but I realized I made a mistake in it which I'm not going to fix because I'm lazy!

    Now I ran into a problem with the cow. Now what the cow is supposed to do is go inside a vent that leads to your office. It then should leave if you close the vent. Now that does work but there is one problem with the "AI" I made for the cow.

    When the cow first enters the vent it enters when a variable (CowAI) is equal to 0. Now when the cow first tries to enter the vent this works. But on its second attempt it comes a lot later, around when CowAI= 30. Now I've checked the event sheet and I couldn't find out the problem. But not matter how hard I try, the cow always does the same glitch over and over again.

    Here are some images of the events:[]

    Now some help will be nice. And please help me out with this game. If you help out, you might be given a early version of the game once its near completion!

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  • In the events where you're checking a variable and using wait you probably want to use 'trigger once'.

    For example:

    +System: CowInVent = 1
        -> System: Wait 5 seconds
        -> System: Set AllowJumpscare to 1
    As long as CowInVent = 1 then it's queueing up the "Set AllowJumpscare" action to happen after 5 seconds. If CowInVent = 1 for 3 seconds then after 5 seconds AllowJumpscare is going to be set to 1 every tick for the next 3 seconds. Hope that makes sense.
    You'd put in a trigger once so the event only runs one time:
    +System: CowInVent = 1
    +System: Trigger Once
        -> System: Wait 5 seconds
        -> System: Set AllowJumpscare to 1
  • Thanks, ramones! Now development for FNWaC 2 can continue! I'll send you a early release when the game is ready! I assure you this game will be better than FNWaC 1!

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