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You are a fisherman who is trying to catch some fish in the ocean.
  • I could apply the rope system taken from forums but in terms of level design is horrible because u need place each block to create the whole rope but what about you need 6 ropes for the level nO WAY MAN!! .

    So if apply the system for a fishing game it will pointless, so any ideas guys?

  • This is a very broad question and difficult to understand exactly what you want. If you are making ropes out of many objects joined together then you can make a function for generate rope and just give each rope some identification with instance variables. This way you can create as many ropes as you want but can make them individual. I'm not sure what else to suggest without knowing more about what you are already trying.


  • Well my needs in fact both because i need ropes for climb but in terms of level design is not nice to place a rope i need put a bunch a tiny blocks to create the rope the same thing for rope of fishing rod. is the way for create this.

    So I want implement a sort IK you father and childs, terminator. The father could be an anchor or pin, the slug can be cloned by code assigning child IDs and terminator for finishing the rope

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  • You may find it easiest to use physics with joints. You can spawn each rope section where you want it, and pin the joints together in a single function call.

    It depends how detailed you want these ropes to be, and how many you want to have on-screen at once... but you should easily be able to have quite a few ropes doing it just with physics. If you want to try IK chains, that's a fair bit more difficult - but there are tutorials on the forums for IK solvers.


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