How do I make first person engine like duke nukem?

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  • I'm sorry for making a stupid thread, it looks very interesing, take a look ... 265-lines/

    I was wondering if is possible with Construct 2, even it doesn't have lag or performance problem.

    Is possible to recreate from this source code to C2?

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  • Hey dude,

    So you are probably already aware that the old Duke3D/Hexen/Doom games were called 2.5D or Psuedo-3D engines

    Heres some Theory on the idea

    Its not ideal, theres no mouse rotation, but its a start

  • serpent I had a problem with this sample, when I opened and it started to lag due to engine is 60-150% with debug console.

    I'm looking an answer about doable solution with this source code to C2 if is possible.

  • To do pseudo 3d there are multiple ways, with C2, if you only need 2 dimensions represented as 3 (like a floor always at the same altitude), a possible bet would be to create the logic in 2d on an invisible layer, then to apply formulas to redraw it in pseudo 3d ln top of that with the player as a reference ( which an help also when doing the logic and collision parts of the engine). Even if the deepth /altitude is used, you can still use this method, you will just have to control the height logic yourself.

    There are also two things to think about:

    You can postion objects sort of easily, but to scale them wit the distance, you will have to choose a certain parameter that will change how objects scales with the distance

    The other limiting factor is: C2 can render in rectangles, not trapezoids, I mean by that than a wall on the side can look weird if not done with that in mind.

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