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  • Been trawling the forums looking at what is the better option between firebase and mysql but am still confused.

    I want a log in system (username/password)

    And a database of stats (mostly numbers)

    So each user would log in and get their game profile/money/stats (some of this could be locally saved)

    Game would be mostly text but players can attack each other whether online or offline therefore i'd need a database of players level/weapon/armour/health etc.. so when a button is clicked it would give a list of players at a certain level, and when attacked their stats would go against the attackers stats.

    So basically my question is what would be the better option for storing these stats and retrieving them.

    I've played around with RexRainbows firebase plugins, and got a login system working flawlessly but when it came to storing and retrieving player data i couldn't get it to work. so i will spend some time learning one of the two options but wanted a little advice on which would be better suited for my needs.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I use MySQL a lot - and love it! It comes with most web hosting packages, so if you have/want a web site - it is no extra charge. And you completely control your data.

    I guess the down-side is you are responsible for security, creating queries, the PHP scripts to pass data back and forth...

    I haven't used Firebase, so I can't comment on that. It might be a better option if you don't have much database experience, or don't want to worry about all the ways a site can get hacked.

  • i have 0 database experience, but using this to learn, not trying to make a million pound game just something i can learn from.

    So maybe i will try to learn MySQL.

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  • there are some great tutorials to get you started, plus plenty of experienced users in the forums here :)

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