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  • Iam making a bike riding game, In which i want to make a fire on my tyres just ghost rider. I just cant get how can i achieve this. the first thing came into my mind was to spawn particles in a circle and pin them to tyres. but can't understand what properties whould i have to set for the particle. Please if anyone help me.

  • Hi bud,

    I try and only use particles when I really have to. I have learnt to use animations more and I think in your case an animation would be a good option.

    If you need help, I can do a simple flame animation using spriter for you :-).

    I would need a seperate image of the wheel in png format.

  • Yeah sure.... if u do it for me it would be a greatest favor for me....I have attached image with the reply.

  • OK buddy, I'm just out at the moment but be back home tonight. Do you want the wheel constantly on fire and rotating? Also what type of flame do you want?

  • I want the tyre constantly on fire.... And if u have seen the ghost rider movie.... i need that kind of fire on tyres.... Right now i have spawned fire fire particles in a cirle... But it is not giving me a good look which i actually want.... I would be so gratefull to you if u will help me for this...

  • Dude, I am sorry, this is alot harder than I thought it would be. But if you want a pro, this guy is amazing and has helped me with animation, hes my go to. He would probably recreate it spot on with animation. He normally charges around 10-15 dollars for a straightfoward animation sheet.

    MoonStars 2D Game Art < facebook him, you can see his work.

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  • Hold on though, I will try again. I am not happy with the images above. I will try and find a better fire image and then try it with an effect. I'm sure I can do better.

  • I think the first image u have send, is looking better.... i dont want the exact fire but some similarity.... i will contact him as well..

  • I think part of the problem with the above examples is that realistic fire should always burn upwards - everybody knows that if you set fire to a stick and point the stick downwards the fire continues to burn upwards and heat your hands :) On the downward-facing parts of the wheel you have fire burning towards the ground, which looks weird.

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