How do I fire a circular motion bullet

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  • Hi All,

    This is driving me nuts !!!!

    I'm new to game development so please be kind

    I have made some progress but need some help!!!

    My objective is to fire a bullet which follows a circular path (using sin function) from an object (the shooter) which is also travelling on a circular path. The bullet will travel faster than the shooter) I hope this makes sense.

    So I have made an attempt and have had some success with the help of some existing entries on this forum. I have the got the shooter moving in a circular path. Unfortunately I can't get it to spawn the bullet. I am puzzled. I've just realised I can't post an URL. What is the best way to get you a copy of the code?

    Can you correct my code please and give me an explanation as to what was wrong?

    Much Kudos and thanks,


  • From the bug report guidelines:

    [quote:1lpfim9z]Due to heavy spam on the forum, we have to block the posting of links for new users. If your link to the .capx is blocked, either remove the http and www parts, or insert * characters through them, e.g.



    You can post your file that way.

  • here is an idea

  • here is an idea

    Hi there RamPackWobble, thanks for responding. It works a treat. By way of thanks I have donated to your chosen charity, MDNA (they really should accept donations by Paypal,it makes life so much easier)

    This was my initial attempt. Can you take a look and see where I went wrong?


    Thanks JerkTheRipper for the tip.

  • Thanks for the donation - I would be lost without their support. I will ask about paypal.

    here is my edit of your capx - hope it makes sense

  • Thanks for the donation - I would be lost without their support. I will ask about paypal.

    here is my edit of your capx - hope it makes sense

    Thanks again RamPackWobble. The MND Association is definitely a worthy cause. I have a loved one who has a degenerative condition, unfortunately she is in a country where the public health system is very poor.

    Going back to the exercise. Is it possible to help me modify the code so that when 'r' on the keyboard is pressed the space craft moves in the in opposite direction (anticlockwise) for ten seconds after which it resumes moving clockwise, the . At all times when the left mouse button is clicked the spaceship should shoot bullets in the direction it is travelling. In addition the spaceship and bullet also faces in the direction it is going in.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Capx file below. I did give it a try but made a complete hash of it.


    Thanks again.

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    Thanks again PamPackWobble, I'm learning a lot from you.

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