Finite State Machine (FSM) ?

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  • I'm tryin to implement an FSM engine for turn sequences in my TCG-game

    1 [Retreat]a [Restore]b [Draw]c [Pass]d

    2 [Play]a [Reveal]b [->]c

    2a Select a card in hand and drag it to the Combat Region

    2a [Face-Up] [Face-Down]

    2 [Play]a [Reveal]b [->]c

    2b Select card in Combat Region to Reveal.

    3 [Target] [->]

    3a Select Attacker

    3a Select Target

    Round Loser card destroyed

    4 [Play]a [End]       

    4a Select a card in hand and drag it to the Combat Region *Only if you didnt play a card in Step2.

    4a [Face-Up] [Face-Down]

    4 [End]

    So, turn sequences would follow the FSM model. The options would appear on the players Options menu at the bottom of the screen. It would control what Players do. Once I have this FSM running, I'd be able to do the rest on my own most likely being that the only stuff remaining would mostly be graphics, my specialty.

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