How do I finish the IAP plugin

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  • I'm using the IAP plugin on the android trying to get consumables working. I have done some digging around and it seems the IAP plugin isn't finished?This is what I mean, looking at some code:

    CordovaAndroidStore.prototype.supportsConsumables = function ()
    	return false;
    The phonegap/cordova plugin for android (com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling/www/inappbilling.js) seems to have the ability ready (again looking at the code)
    [code:1p2nv0an]InAppBilling.prototype.consumePurchase = function (success, fail, productId) {
    if (this.options.showLog) {
    	log('consumePurchase called!');
    return cordova.exec(success, fail, "InAppBillingPlugin", "consumePurchase", [productId]);
    So why is this left out? Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to setup these events/actions in Construct 2? Or how to call these methods, etc.
    Thanks in advance
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  • Let's give this one a bump. This "com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling" has been giving me a headache since this morning. When I finally found the plugin, it WON'T INSTALL!

  • did anyone find any solution for this ???

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