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  • Hello

    My second week of playing with Construct, its ace! I`m loving it.

    I'm going for the obligatory Robotron clone (natch) and have made some progress.

    However, couple of things I'm struggling with, I was hoping someone could give me some clues to help my search for a solution.

    Currently, all my Aliens are shooting at the same time, becuase I`m using a system time based event to trigger the objects firing (spawning a new object)

    This results in a massive wave of fire from all me aliens.

    How can I put a bit more finesse to this?!? I?d prefer if if the aliens made sporadic fire on there own, not this en masse stuff.

    Second issue, they are all homing in on the player, by using a system timer to modify there angle occasionally.

    This means I end up with a frenzied spinning ball of aliens, if I make them solid blocks they bounce off each in a wierd fashion, also as solid block they shove the player around.

    Any tips on controling lots of sprites moving and homing in on the player without ending up stacked on top of each other?!

    Thanks for any help!

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