How do I find out what´s wrong with this sprite

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  • The more these sprites the faster comes an javascript error. This sprite has been in my game and it causes it to crash. I removed everything to test if this sprite really is "the guilty one" and it seems to be. At least on my machine (win7 64bit. radeon 8500 latest drivers, new hard drive).

    If I change the sine behaviour from size to movement horizontal it does not crash.

    What on earth is the problem with this sprite?

    Here is the capx ... rite1.capx

    edit: tested with chrome browser. I am running the latest construct 2 version. The error comes in few minutes.

    edit2: just tested. Error in only 30 seconds.

    What is this mystery? Going to test with a different computer today to see if this is related to this computer only.

    edit3: exported it to desktop. It crashes. Just closes.

    I need some customer service, please.

  • Tested a different sprite that seemed also cause problems in the past. I have an error with this one too. What´s the problem? ... rite2.capx

  • I tried the first example again. Deleted the sprite and created new one. Green square (didn´t download an image). Get´s the same error with Sine (size) and physics.

    This must be a bug in sine size.

    I hope moderators will examine this.

  • Here is how to try if you got an error too without downloading anything:

    1. Open new empty project

    2. Insert sprite and paint it with some color. Don´t change it´s size (250x250)

    3. Apply physics and sine behaviours to sprite. Change movement horisontal to SIZE (in sine). Don´t touch the other sine attributes.

    4. Copy sprite 17 times and put them next to each other in 3 rows. 6x3 so to speak.

    5. preview and wait about a minute and get an error (at least I do)

    If you don´t get an error. Please tell that too since it could be something else. who knows?

  • I wonder if there ever was a solution. Seems bad. Customer support would be nice.

  • In the project properties change "physics engine" to "box2d web"

  • In the project properties change "physics engine" to "box2d web"

    Thanks! Gonna do that and test everything again. Maybe this will stop my game crashing as well.

    Edit. This is so vital information that it should be in faq or somewhere with big letters! I wonder why use the box 2d asm at all? What are the benefits for that or are there any potential problems with this box2d web?

    I had few months ago this crashing problem and we thought of everything: collision points, old computer etc etc. I wish i had known that the culprit was a wrong physics engine! It would have saved my nerves and frustrating days or weeks.

    This info should be better presented or maybe even default engine!

    I am puzzled by it. Now I am going to test if my game runs with it.

    edit2. It seems to have corrected some problems, but I still got some errors (and yet in some levels where there was error before it fixed it). Must investigate this more.

    edit3. My solution has to be removing all the sprites that have sine size and physical behaviour. It´s not a big loss, but different physical engine didn´t solve it.

  • In general javascript errors are bugs that need to be reported. The asm.js version is faster but it has that memory limit, which has been reported several times.

  • In general javascript errors are bugs that need to be reported. The asm.js version is faster but it has that memory limit, which has been reported several times.

    This is almost similar to "my case" and it was reported as a bug. Also the other physics engine didn´t solve it. I didn´t know about it before. Quite a coincidence.

    Easiest solution is not to use Sine (size, height etc.) until the bug (or memory "leak") has been solved for good. Maybe some kind of a "memory purge" would do it.

  • It's just an issue of memory not being freed. There's no such thing as a memory purge. When a object is resized it's physics shape is re-created, so presumably the old shape isn't being freed. To fix it the plugin needs to be corrected, or worst case it's an issue with the physics library itself that would need to be corrected.

    As a user to get it fixed you have a few options:

    1. Report it to the bugs forum following the reporting guidelines. Likely there is some kind of triage of what gets fixed, but this alerts the creator, who is most familiar with the code, about the problem.

    2. Dive into the plugin code and find a fix yourself. Not easy, but a good learning experience although likely time consuming. If a fix is found then alerting the developer in the bug report is a good way to have the plugin officially fixed if it's a good solution.

    3. Use another physics plugin. You could try the chipmunk physics plugin. It doesn't have the memory issue.

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  • Yes. That´s why the memory purge was in parenthesis as there is none

    1. Almost similar bug report has been already made. So I am not sure if another one would benefit.

    2. This is a good solution for someone with a lot of brains and time.

    3. Some day when I have learned the ropes better. Thanks for good advices.

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