How do I find out how track is created in Super Mario Kart?

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  • So I was curious to find out if anyone knows the answer to this. I was looking around trying to figure out how they animated the tracks in Super Mario Kart before the use of 3d was available. I understand how the actual character work driving along on their tracks but when looking at the sprites from the track you get this ... eet/40707/

    which is a a picture of the image of the track from above. I am guessing that they just skewed the tiles to a certain degree to get the 3d effect. Does anyone know how that was pulled off? Also is it possible to do something similar in Construct 2?

  • To make the question more clear here is a video of what it looks like in the game..

    I would like to know the answer to your question too.

    I think at least i can say that even though there are no 3D modelled objects in the game the coordinate system used to put the floor texture in perspective is a very crude 3D engine. Construct2 does have direct3D and WebGL capability but how to program this with the actionscripting of Construct2 is beyond me. If it is even possible..

    Curious to see other peoples responses!

    Kyatric Ever seen anything like this done in C2?

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  • The effect is commonly known as "Mode 7", which refers to the SNES graphics mode that allowed for the scaling and rotation necessary to create the 3D plane. R0j0hound made an effect that attempts to reproduce what you're wanting.

  • Cheers linkman2004

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