How do I find the solution to rounding issue.

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  • Formula (var.a/var.b)*var.c

    All are instance variables are from different sprites.

    All show to have no decimals in debugger.

    var.a =5




    *** In debugger the number returned is 1 *** Should be 1.333333333 ***

    I do not have a floor or a round used on any of these numbers and the value returned makes zero sense to me.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Hey Js,

    I just tried it and it works for me. Try and recreate it in a fresh project and see if it comes up the same again. You must have something in your events rounding it?

  • Call this one closed. I'm using sprites in multiple families and loading data from arrays and hard code. I tried to recreate the issue to no avail, so it's in my code (seems the most obvious reason anyway).

    I changed family variable from one family to another and it works fine...don't know why, atm it works fine so don't really care. Moving on lol.

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