How do I find save state files

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  • I'm using save state in my app and have been trying to find where they are created on the computer itself?

  • As a cookie for the specified browser.

  • Hi ,

    Is there a way to get the this as a specific file? I have an app that uses save state to keep setups the user makes. (It lists them for loading at a later date). I'd like to have some pre setup save states if it is possible.


  • I've tried a search on my pc for the save state name used in the event editor but nothing was found.

  • Clearing browser cache will clear any local save data. I don't think you're supposed to access it locally though, not without some kind of code workaround. To do the pre setup save states wouldn't you just create them all on a first load? The name used for the save state is just an HTML tag it won't appear as a local file in a search, all data should be in a cookie file somewhere.

  • maybe if you access the cookie list it should be listed like something like Localhost:5000 ? Like as in the same name as the game in the browser? Im curious about this as well.

    I mean if anti-virus scan can find those cookies then we should be able to manually find it as well ?

  • You could probably find it but why would you need to? You can clear browser cache to clear data. If you locate the actual file it's probably just a load of encryption.

  • Hi ,

    I have a few different states I'd like to have loadable and the site would be visited by different computers. My app has around 90 rows of lists / text files so rather than do a loop trough and read / write to a variable in local storage back and forth the save state was a very nice easy fix to start with.

    I need to allow the app to import from excel so can use that option (It currently exports to excel) but this was a nice quick implementation to save certain quotes / stages of quotes with no code.


  • Ashley

    Do you know if there is a way to make save states local on the computer so that it is a file that can be transferred to other users / also is safe from cookies being deleted?

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  • Posting the data to a server is probably most preferable these days, or to save a local file use the Browser "Invoke download" option.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at how I can use this. I managed the save json ok with some tutorials / manual guide but struggling on loading it back in. At least I know its very achievable with some researching

    I did get it working with NWjs but that limits me to NWjs exported project only. (I am hoping to have as an app / website)

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