How do I find the right App Domain [Facebook]

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  • Hi guys, first time posting here.

    Well, to cut down to the problem: I've made a test project to check how Facebook plugin works and I gotta say, its pretty darn awesome. However, I do have problem (or that is, I don't know how to use it). I have a website where I stored mySql and the PHP to retrieve highscores. What I want to do however is that I want the name of the person that submits the highscore to be logged in with their facebook account. I did everything right, hopefully, and when I test in the localhost, it works. The app requests me to log in, I log in and then I submit my score with the name I'm logged in with. However, that is when I put "localhost" into the app domain in the Facebook developer control panel. What do I put there when someone is on a phone? I get the error where it says that the URL isn't listed in the app domain of Facebook app page. How do I solve this problem? What app domain do I use / find out?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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