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  • Is there an easy way to find all references of a variable in a project?

    Right now I'm just opening up the XML and using notepad to search.

    Search didn't turn up anything.

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  • You can find them in Layout xml

    examples :

    <instance type="Sprite">
          <myVar>0</myVar>          <----- There
          <behavior-instance type="CustomMovement">

    Also, you can find them used in event sheets xml

    examples :

    In conditions

    <condition id="0" name="Compare instance variable" type="Sprite">
       <param id="0" name="Instance variable">myVar</param>
       <param id="1" name="Comparison">2</param>
       <param id="2" name="Value">32</param>

    In actions

    <action id="0" name="Set value" type="Sprite">
       <param id="0" name="Instance variable">myVar</param>
       <param id="1" name="Value">24</param>

    In expressions

    <param id="0" name="X">Sprite.X-myVar</param>
  • Also when in the event editor click on "events" on the top ribbon and use search.

  • Awesome, thanks guys!

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